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Carol F

I highly recommend Fashion Optical. The frames are reasonable, nice variety, helpful staff and good service. My only reservation is that they send their work out and it takes 7-10 days to get the glasses. They were nice enough to mail mine.

Josh G

I recently brought four pairs of vintage glasses to this business. The owner patiently fitted and re-fitted all four pairs until I was completely satisfied. After he was done, I asked what I owed him, and he said nothing. He spent 15 minutes with me, and was patient, courteous, and meticulous with me, all while knowing that he wouidn't make a penny off of me.

This business is a true resource to the Adams Morgan community, and I encourage all my friends and neighbors to make this their one-stop eyeglasses purchase and repair destination.

Thanks again, Fashion Optical!

Penny E

My husband and I found the service at Fashion Optical exceptionally gracious and generous! We stopped by to have a bent temple on my husband's glasses (purchased in India) straightened. The two friendly guys on duty--part of this family business--greeted us cheerily and immediately solved the problem. They were competent, quick, friendly, and -- amazingly--didn't charge for this service 'though we'd never previously patronized the store nor indicated we would in the future. You don't find that kind of generosity much these days. We are definitely fans of Fashion Optical!

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